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Posted by on Jun 12, 2014 in Design, Featured, Life, Organize | 0 comments

This is Where We Eat


Our vintage-retro kitchen. The fabulous red cabinets are my favorite! {RayneBo}

Our kitchen. This is where we spend the majority of our time, eating, drinking and being merry. This is where all of our friends and family end up when we have parties and other gatherings. This is the room that hosts our regular dance parties with the kids, and this is where we sing. Well, this is where Jackson and Finley sing. Kai and I are prohibited from singing if Jackson is also singing. Especially if we are listening to Let it Go (from Frozen).

This room gets filled with the sound of laughter all day long (with intermittent screaming and crying, of course), and its bamboo floors are covered with toys at the end of every night. This kitchen is where we have shared some of our happiest moments as a family.

Our vintage-retro kitchen! The ceiling fan actually rotates! {RayneBo}

I feel very fortunate to be able to dine in this fabulous room with my family every single day. This kitchen is truly one of a kind. It has even been featured in both Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn! The vast majority of the remodeling was already finished when we moved in this house a little over four years ago, so we didn’t even have to do much. We installed white granite countertops and put in some new lighting, but that’s about it. The previous home owners did an impeccable job with the design, adding the fabulous rotating ceiling fan! For me, our kitchen’s most prominent feature is its gorgeous red cabinets. I filled them with an assortment of pitchers, vases, and other glass containers I’ve collected from antique markets.

Our vintage-retro kitchen. I love our fabulous red cabinets! {RayneBo}

Our kitchen also came with an apple-green back door that opens up to our large patio and backyard, where the sun loves to shine. That door is almost never closed in the summer, so I’m still able to feel the warmth of the sun while I’m making dinner inside. Our kitchen is actually situated perfectly for both morning and afternoon sun so it gets some pretty amazing natural light.

Our vintage-retro kitchen. I love our fabulous red cabinets and the ceiling fan rotates! {RayneBo}

This hanging pots and pans rack is from Ikea. Our kitchen sometimes seems bigger than it is because our house is equipped with 10 ft ceilings, but it is actually on the small side. This rack saves us a lot of cabinet space and it’s super convenient for quick after-meal clean-ups.

Vintage-retro kitchen. This pots and pans rack is from Ikea and it is a huge space saver. {RayneBo}

One challenge we faced when we bought this home was the lack of a dining area, so our “dining room” is basically a small extension of the kitchen. We had a hard time finding a square-shaped expandable dining table with the exact measurements we needed, so we splurged and had one custom-made by a local carpenter. We also asked for a matching bench that allows for additional seating when the table is expanded (it has a different finish, just to spruce things up). I really liked the rustic look of a chunky table and we added some beautiful iron details. The coolest thing about this table and bench is that they were crafted with recycled wood from an old firehouse!

This picture also features the immaculate 6 ft tall windows we have throughout the house, and they are all framed with this very distinguished original crown molding. There’s at least one in every room and there are three in our kitchen. I can’t think of anywhere I would rather be if I had to be indoors on a sunny day!

Our custom-made dining table and bench with iron detailing, crafted from recycled wood from an old firehouse. {RayneBo}

This is the RayneBo Kitchen, where Jackson and Finley do their own cooking!

Our retro play kitchen by Plan Toys. {RayneBo}

This piece is an import from East Asia and stores all of our glassware.

This imported glass cabinet piece from East Asia stores our glassware. {RayneBo}

If you’ve read any of my other posts on interior decor, you know about my obsession with little random containers. They’re great for both storage and decorative purposes. Some of Kai’s favorite cookbooks are pictured in the background. And I guess it’s only fair that I mention something about Kai’s capabilities in the kitchen here. He makes some pretty exceptional meals. I go through my cooking phases, but he is probably the more skilled chef between the two of us. Ok fine, he’s definitely the more skilled chef. There, I said it. Moving on.

Using spice jars for decorative purposes. {RayneBo}

Here’s an Instagram shot I took of Grandma making pancakes with Jackson and Finley last winter. This was such a happy moment and I had the opportunity to watch from the other room. I’ll never forget it.

Our vintage-retro kitchen. {RayneBo}

I took this photo about three and a half years ago and it’s still one of my favorite shots. Jackson was six months old and Stella was still an acceptable size. By the way, this kitchen is also where Stella has transformed into the Porky Yorky she is today.

Our vintage-retro kitchen. {RayneBo}

We have had so many great times in this kitchen, but when we are no longer living in this home one day (tear), some of my fondest memories will ironically, be of times when I was standing here alone. Our kitchen is special to me for many different reasons, but a lot of them can’t be explained through pictures. Sometimes, the sounds I can hear from outside the kitchen and the sights that I can see through its windows, are what I will remember most. Many years down the road, I will be able to close my eyes and hear Kai kicking the ball around with the kids in the backyard. I will remember exactly how Jackson’s tricycle sounded as he made yet another loop around the house. I will be able to envision myself positioned by the window that has a view of the slide, and I will see the joy on Finley’s face as she launches herself down the slide. I will never forget hearing the kids squeal as Kai pushed them on their swings, higher and higher, “Mama, Mama, look at me!” And then I’ll remember running over to the window to catch the excitement on their faces as they soared through the sky. The sight of Jackson helping Finley water my plants out on the deck is an image I will never forget. I’ll always miss hearing the combination of Jackson and Finley’s laughter as they played together as toddlers. I might even miss having to sprint outside after hearing the sounds of screaming and crying, which happens quite a lot too.

All of these sights and sounds will remind me of this time in my children’s lives; an age of innocence, if you will.

This is where we eat. But isn’t it so much more than that?


Photo Cred: Cleary O’Farrell Photography

Source List:

  • Chairs: Restoration Hardware and Stokke high chairs
  • Table and Bench: Custom-designed by local carpenter (recycled wood from an old firehouse and ironwork detailing)

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