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Posted by on Feb 3, 2015 in Celebrate, Featured, Life, Style | 0 comments

The Days Are Long, But The Years Are Short…


Prologue: I’m a little late on my end-of-the-year wrap-up, but better late than never I guess! For the purposes of this particular post, I’m going to rewind about a month and pretend that I was on top of it enough to get this “Reflection on the Year 2014” posted before the new year, despite the holiday craziness that was December. I actually started writing this piece during the holidays, but I didn’t have a chance to finish it until now. I also decided to include pictures of some of my favorite moments in 2014. Just some great shots that never made the blog last year.

I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that another year has passed us by. Being a mommy has taught me that this thing we call “parenthood” accelerates time. Jackson turned four this past year and Finley will be three in a month. I was comparing pics from our annual “North Pole or Bust” photo-shoots from the past two years and just can’t believe that these two pictures below are separated by an entire year.

"North Pole or Bust" kids'  holiday photoshoot. {}

King Street Train Station, 2013 Holiday Season


"North Pole or Bust" kids'  holiday photoshoot. {}

Seattle Center Monorail, 2014 Holiday Season

My children are growing faster than I had ever imagined they would, and sometimes I find myself wishing I had the power to just make them stop. Of course, there are always those days that I would never voluntarily repeat; days that leave me with tears streaming down my face from a mental breakdown, accompanied by exhaustion. Sometimes I just can’t wait for Finley to hurry up and grow out of her “terrible twos.” Her extreme attachment to me can be frustrating at times. Jackson can drive me crazy because he does not stop asking questions, he is always interrupting me and and of course, he also needs my constant attention. Raising two small (but extremely active) children who are only 20 months apart like Jackson and Finley can be tiring, and it will test your patience like nothing else will.

Father’s Day

But to tell you the truth, right now I want them to stay just as they are. Those everyday struggles are forgotten when I think about how each year seems to be in more and more of a hurry to leave us behind. It forces me to remember that Finley won’t always be so attached to me; she will become less and less dependent on us as she gets older. Jackson won’t always care about what we have to say, and he definitely won’t always crave our attention like he does now. The tables will slowly turn on us as the kids get older, and one day, I will find myself begging Finley to spend time with me. I’ll actually have to ask her if I can hold her in my arms. Kai and I will wake up one day, only to realize that Jackson can answer his own questions, and that he no longer needs his mommy and daddy like he did when he was four. They will refuse to be young forever and they will inevitably grow up.

Halloween - Superhero Family. {}

Halloween! I have a serious obsession with superheroes for as long as I can remember, so this was pretty much my dream come true. Not to mention Jackson was STOKED, being a superhero enthusiast himself.

I know that we have years and years to look forward to. We’ll have many more birthdays to celebrate, soccer games to cheer at, dance recitals to attend and milestones to reach. We will have countless opportunities to be proud of our children’s accomplishments and of course, we are excited to watch them grow. But as I sit here right now, at the tail end of 2014, I can’t stop thinking about how we will never remember this year again exactly as we do right now, at this moment in time. In 20 years, our family will have created many more memories to cherish, but Kai and I will have also forgotten much of what life was like during this time in Jackson and Finley’s lives… during this age of innocence, if you will. It’s difficult to see things this way on a daily basis, when I can’t even hear myself think through the kids’ screaming, crying, temper tantrums and meltdowns. But reflecting back on 2014 in its entirety has reminded me that it’s important to cherish every minute of our children’s lives, because every second that passes will be gone forever. I have therefore dedicated this new year to living in the moment. I will constantly remind myself that years from now, my heart will be filled with memories of Jackson and Finley laughing and having fun as kids. I will make every effort to refrain from getting too wrapped up in the daily struggles of parenthood, because when my children are all grown up, I will barely remember why I was so consumed with stress. What I will remember, is that the days are long but the years are short.

I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us, and I hope your year is filled with joy and happiness.

“Helping” with the tree decor this past holiday season.

And the finishing touch…


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