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Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in Design, Featured, Life, Organize | 2 comments

Project Bathroom

We have finally recovered from our remodel! I took about a nine month hiatus from blogging because our lives were turned upside down with this bathroom addition – a “bathroom  addition” that basically turned into an entire second-floor renovation. I am happy to say though, that despite a few hiccups along the way (which turns out, is to be expected with remodels), everything turned out beautifully!

Note: Since there are so many other aspects of this remodel that I want to share with you (before/after photos, the demolition and construction process, the other rooms that were renovated), I’m going to limit the parameters of this particular post to introducing just the bathroom. The rest will come later!

Below is a picture of the kiddos in their new bathroom, “brushing their teeth.” It may totally be staged for the photoshoot, but I guess this is basically what they look like when they’re in there. Except, they’re normally in their pjs and screaming because it’s bedtime. It’s a nice picture to strive for though, isn’t it?

Our vintage-inspired bathroom remodel {}!

Here’s a little background, for those of you who aren’t familiar with why we decided there was a need for a bathroom addition:

We had been thinking about adding a bathroom to the upper level of our house for years. Our house came only with 1.5 bathrooms when we bought it six years ago, and the only shower/bathtub was in our master bathroom. There was no bathroom upstairs, where the kids’ rooms are. The previous owners did a wonderful job remodeling and updating the master bath, but J and Fin are getting older now and it was getting pretty crowded in there. When both kids graduated from diapers and started spending more time in their bedrooms, the need for an upstairs bathroom was even more apparent.

Our home is just a little over 1600 sq ft and there isn’t a lot of space to spare upstairs, so we had originally considered bumping the roofline out to accommodate for a bathroom. We spent a lot of time meeting with engineers, architects and contractors over the course of a couple of years to discuss every design option we had. I felt strongly about exhausting every option we had, because without adding square footage, Finley’s room was inevitably going to be significantly smaller. However, in the end, it just made more sense to work with the space we already had. Pushing the roofline out was just going to be much more complicated and we had a budget to work with.

The whole process took about four and a half  months, and we needed to move out of our house because the demolition was going to be too invasive. We moved the majority of our belongings either out of the house or into storage. Everything else was taped off or wrapped in plastic. Our house was officially a construction zone.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we ended up relocating to the studio we built in our backyard a couple of years ago. It’s a nice “mother-in-law” type of space that includes a bathroom, but it’s only 12×14 sq ft, so with two kids and two dogs, we had some adjustments to make. Any kind of privacy or personal space we enjoyed before became nonexistent overnight. We basically lived in a box for two months and then we all moved into our bedroom for the remainder of the time, where the kids slept in our closet. I won’t get into it, but as you can imagine, it was not a walk in the freakin’ park.

… But look at our new bathroom! 🙂

Our vintage-inspired bathroom remodel and refurbished bathroom door {}!

We wanted the new bathroom to flow with the style of the rest of the house, which is mostly vintage-inspired, with a touch of rustic appeal. We took advantage of the fact that our second floor ceilings are close to nine feet high and designed tall window for lots of light. The farmhouse-style window and door frames are constructed from original pieces we found in the basement.

We covered the floor with the same hexagon mosaic tile that we have in our bathrooms downstairs and installed a heated floor to keep those little feet warm on cold Seattle mornings.

Our vintage-inspired bathroom remodel and Kohler Brockway sink {}!

This Kohler Brockway sink might be my favorite thing about the bathroom. It’s unique and it fits the style of our house perfectly. I painted the sink a bright, electric blue, because I think it adds color in an unexpected way. I also took advantage of the white walls and floor by incorporating fun pops of color elsewhere, like the Land of Nod footstools and wall cubbies from Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie.

You’ll notice that we chose a variety of finishes for the bathroom hardware; that was intentional. The sink hardware is chrome, the shower and tub hardware is brass, the shower rod is steel, the wall-mounted cubby rack above the tub and the Restoration Hardware (RH) light fixture above the sink are iron, and the Harmon pendant ceiling light from RH is an antique brass.

Our vintage-inspired bathroom remodel and design details {}!

One of my other favorite features of the bathroom includes the tall window we installed. It fills the room with such a beautiful, natural light at all times of the day. It really creates a soothing ambiance that’s enhanced by the greenery – I love using a lot of different types of plants and flowers for every room in our house, but a natural green is especially beautiful against the white bathroom walls.

Our vintage-inspired bathroom remodel and design details. I love this Anthropologie shower curtain {}!

This entomology shower curtain I found at Anthropologie was one of the first things I purchased for the bathroom. Its colors and patterns resonated with me so much that it became a source of inspiration while choosing other decorative items. Comprised of leaves, bugs, and other nature-inspired art, it was perfect for the kids.

Our vintage-inspired bathroom remodel and design details. I love this medicine cabinet and refurbished schoolhouse door {}!

I knew I wanted this bathroom to feel very open, which is way I decided not to build cabinets and drawers. I personally think that the storage areas typically found underneath bathroom counters are bulky and can sometimes be a waste of space. The challenge then, becomes a lack of storage space. Luckily, kids don’t tend to need as much “stuff” as adults do for the bathroom (besides bath toys), so we found a recessed medicine cabinet from RH for the things they do need to store, like lotions and vitamins, and installed it behind the door. It works perfectly. It also has a features a full-length mirror, which is handy for Finley because she’s not quite tall enough to see herself in the other mirror yet!

I found this schoolhouse door at Ballard Reuse, a local store that sells reused, refurbished and other donated items. The glass was clear so we placed a frosted film over it for privacy. I love the shiny brass egg-shaped doorknob I chose against the white-painted door.


Our vintage-inspired bathroom remodel and design details! {}

This last picture is of my little sea creature-inspired gallery. Many of the decorative items I’ve collected for the remodel are from antique shops and flea markets. The hooks pictured here are from Anthropologie.

Kai and I spent a LOT of time designing this bathroom ourselves – Kai was on architectural duty and designed the lay out, and I took over the design process after that. We’re really proud of it, so thanks for taking the time to take a peek. Stay tuned for more on our house renovation and design theory – the rest of the upstairs got a facelift too, so there is quite a bit more to share!

*A big thank you to my favorite photographer and good friend, Cleary O’Farrell, for capturing these images, and to our contractors at Hunter Design.

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  1. Love the design! Quick question – where did you find the sink faucet? I am looking for an alternative to the kohler Cannock. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Ellen,

      I am SO sorry for the delayed reply! Life got busy and I had to take a break from blogging. I actually bought our sink from Amazon. 🙂


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