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Posted by on Dec 24, 2014 in Celebrate, Craft, Life | 0 comments

Let it Snow: DIY Snow Globes!

The kids and I made our own customized DIY snow globes! It’s been a busy week, as I’m sure you can all relate, but I’ve had a some people ask me exactly how we made these so I wanted to post a quick how-to. We started making our snow globes last year, but this year I thought it would be fun to surprise the kids with figurines of their favorite characters to use. Unsurprinsingly, Jackson is really into superheroes right now so we went with his favorite, Batman.

DIY Superhero Snow Globe! {}

Finley has recently initiated herself into the Frozen cult so I chose Princess Anna for her. This was obviously a huge hit.

Frozen Princess Anna DIY Snow Globe! {}

What You’ll Need:

1. Jars. I used canning jars made by Kerr, but you can use almost any glass jar with a tight lid. This is also a great way to reuse and recycle your old jars.

2. Glitter. We used two different types of glitter, made by Creatology and Tulip.

3. Figurines. The figurines I used are technically cake-toppers from Amazon.  I’m sure you can find toy figurines that are small enough to fit into your jar, but most of the toy figurines available on Amazon looked too big for my jars. You can just use little toy figurines you already have too. We bought our synthetic evergreen trees from Michael’s.

4. Super glue. Gorilla glue works well.

5. Water.


Step 1: Superglue the bottom of your figurines to the bottom of your metal lid and wait for it to dry. You might have to improvise, depending on the size of your jar. Finley’s Anna was a bit short for our jar (you couldn’t see the bottom part of her) so I gave her and her tree a boost by supergluing a plastic lid I found in the kitchen underneath her.

Frozen Princess Anna DIY Snow Globe! {}

Step 2: Pour glitter into your jar. We used gold glitter for Batman and clear/silver glitter for Princess Anna.

Step 3: Fill your jar up with water (I just used tap water), screw your lid on and you’re all set!

DIY Snow Globe! {}

Here is a shot of our snow globe from last year. Using a jar with a handle was a fun twist!

Vintage DIY Snow Globe! {}

Note: You might start to notice some color in your water after a few days if the paint on your figurines start coming off. After all, most of these objects are not meant to be submerged in water forever. Our water started turning green from the trees, but I just keep taking the lid off and refilling the water and glitter. Simple solution.

This is such an easy and quick DIY project and they’re great for last-minute Christmas gifts. Have fun and be creative with your own snow globes! Happy holidays!

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