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Posted by on Aug 19, 2017 in Design, Featured, Life, Organize, Style | 0 comments

Jackson’s Bedroom Remodel

We remodeled the second floor of our house almost two years ago and I still haven’t had the chance to really share everything we changed. I had to take a little break from blogging (you know, just life getting in the way). Our remodel was featured in Apartment Therapy last year, so I’ve included the photos and what I wrote for the article below.

Half of Jackson’s room remained the same in terms of structure, but I have re-designed it since I blogged about it a few years ago. Check out his toddler room if you curious about the “before and after”: Jackson’s Vintage Meets Modern Room.

Boys Bedroom Remodel ideas for a vintage-rustic-industrial-nautical theme. {}

Changes in design include, his bed from Land of Nod, drapes, hanging vintage airplane and nautical pendant from Pottery Barn kids, a red vintage school desk that I found at an antique store in Port Townsend, and custom-built industrial pipe shelves to match his open concept closet. I would describe his room as having a combination of styles: vintage, rustic, industrial and nautical.

Boys Bedroom Remodel ideas for a vintage rustic theme. {}
Jackson’s room came with a brick chimney, which is still one of my favorite characteristics of his room, but the placement of the chimney created limitations on what we could do with the space surrounding it. It was built in the middle of the wall, so there weren’t a lot of options as to what we could do with the wall space on either side of it. This was the perfect place for an open-concept closet. I have always loved the concept of industrial pipe shelves, and I thought it would be perfect for Jackson’s new “big-boy room.” A perfect blend of two of my favorite more masculine styles: rustic and industrial.

I spent a lot of time with our carpenter, Reed Johnson, choosing materials and coming up with the right measurements for a design that would be both practical and aesthetically-pleasing. Reed also replaced the existing shelves that had used since Jackson’s room was a nursery with the new industrial shelves, and we also designed new curtain rods with the pipes. It really doesn’t feel like the closet took up any extra space because the space we used to build it was never used before anyway.

Boys Bedroom Remodel ideas for a vintage-rustic industrial theme. {}
We weren’t planning on changing anything about Jackson’s room originally, at least structurally, so the conversion of Jackson’s closet into a loft/nook was also an after-thought. It’s so much easier envisioning changes when you have a blank slate. Jackson’s room also needed to be cleared out for the remodel, so I didn’t see the possibilities until we started the demo. I’m sure our GC loved all of our add-ons (oops). Jackson’s room hadn’t undergone any major changes since its nursery days, and since he started kindergarten this year, we figured now was the perfect time for a make-over. The upstairs was already  a construction zone anyway, and we definitely had no plans for another remodel in the near future.

Boys Bedroom Remodel ideas for a vintage-rustic industrial theme. {}

The original closets in the kids’ rooms had always been challenging to work with. Like many closets in homes built in the early 1900s, they were narrow and deep, so it was difficult to use the space efficiently. However, when we cleared everything out of Jackson’s closet for the demo process, we realized that the space was actually relatively large and had potential for change. Kai and I looked at this tiny space and together, we came up with a design for a reading nook and loft for Jackson.

Boys Bedroom Remodel ideas for a vintage-industrial nautical theme. {}

We have high ceilings upstairs, about 9 feet, which is fortunate because this is mainly what made Fin’s bunk loft work out so well (I will blog about her room soon). Since Jackson’s ceilings are the same height, we thought it would be a fun surprise to create a little loft for him too! We added an 18” platform and designed a trap door that opens up for storage below, as well as two big drawers that open up in the front for toys.

We also installed a cubby-shelf and book ledge for Jackson to keep his special things on, and to make the space feel more like a real room. Jackson decorated his personal loft area by taping his favorite drawings and photos up on the walls!

Boys bedroom closet-turned-loft {}
My favorite feature of Jackson’s loft area is probably the porthole window we built. It’s literally a porthole window from an old ship that he can open and close, and it looks out onto the stairway and landing from the loft. I found the reclaimed ship portholes at an antique store in Port Townsend and immediately thought of this idea. The light fixtures we purchased for his nook and his ceiling are nautical-themed, as is the antique rope-pulley we installed next to the porthole (just for fun), so the ship porthole ties some of that together.

Antique ship porthole refurbished into a boys bedroom window. {}

Stay tuned for photos from the rest of our remodel!

Photo Cred: Cleary O’Farrell Photography

Contractor: Hunter Design

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