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Posted by on May 22, 2014 in Featured, Life | 0 comments

For the Love of Peonies


Peonies from our yard (RayneBo)

Springtime. My favorite time of year. Spring is when the world becomes vibrant with color (at least it is if you live in Seattle), and if you have a giant green thumb like me, you can appreciate the little details surrounding the arrival of spring. I love watching the tiniest of buds transform into a bloom so magnificent, it almost doesn’t seem real. I am overly excited every year when I can see those tiny speckles of green emerge from the earth, because this means our garden will soon be filled with our first blooms of the year: hyacinths, daffodils, tulips and rhododendrons. The resurfacing of our perennials is how I anticipate the official beginning of spring. The delicious scent of our lilac trees confirm it. Our garden is filled with a variety of blooming perennials every spring, but there is one in particular that always takes my breath away… Around the end of May every year, we are graced with the presence of 100+ peony blooms that take over our front yard, and there is nothing more beautiful.

peony 2

My love for the botanical world is something I would like my children to inherit. I want them to appreciate the beauty in nature and to respect our environment. I try to teach them to care for our earth and to understand how plants grow. Playing around in the garden and encouraging them to just observe can be a valuable learning experience [I’ll be posting more on gardening with children in the future]. The other day, Jackson brought our attention to the fact that, “bumble bees love peonies just as much as you do, Mama!” Here’s my amateur photography attempt at capturing the moment.

Peonies from our garden.

We have more peony blooms than we know what to do with every year, so we have started a tradition of cutting some of our peonies and delivering one to each of our neighbors with a little note. This is our way of making sure none of our flowers go to waste, but also an opportunity to practice a random act of kindness, something I encourage my kids to do every day.

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Kai got home from work in time to lend a hand, which I was definitely grateful for. It was getting close to dinner time and the kids were starting to lose focus!

Delivering peonies from our yard to our neighbors. Practicing random acts of kindness. (RayneBo)

Delivering peonies from our yard to our neighbors. Practicing random acts of kindness. (RayneBo)

A little break for some tire-swinging and tree-climbing.

jackson tire swing


There are so many lessons to teach and values to instill when it comes to gardening, planting and watching things grow with your children, and we still have all summer to explore! I know I’m excited. Stay tuned for more as we get creative with nature.


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