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Posted by on May 21, 2015 in Design, Featured, Life, Style | 0 comments

Finley’s Room: Shabby-Chic + Vintage Charm


Finley’s room. My favorite room in our entire house (and another room featured in Apartment Therapy). I had to share this room on the blog as it exists now, before it’s beautiful walls are torn down and transformed. We have had tentative plans to add a bathroom upstairs for years, but the project just kept getting pushed back for various reasons (as projects like this often do). We are finally getting close to finalizing plans! But since we’re going to have to borrow a chunk of Finley’s room for the new bathroom, I wanted to pay tribute to this beautiful space before it was too late.

Our shabby-chic meets vintage nursery! {}

This room, even back when it was just an empty space, was perfect for the style of room I had in mind for Finley. I wanted her nursery to be feminine, romantic and vintage-inspired. Kind-of a “shabby chic” style with a touch of vintage charm. Both Finley and Jackson’s rooms came equipped with nine and a half foot high ceilings, gorgeous white crown molding that frames the windows and doors, and white-painted original hardwood floors and baseboards. Our soft gray with a hint of lavender walls were also the perfect backdrop for what I had envisioned for Finley’s room; adding more of a masculine color like gray created a good balance.IMG_2625
I started collecting furniture from a variety of sources in a white distressed finish because I wanted the pieces in this room to have  an aged or vintage look. I thought the white pieces would look clean and crisp against the white floors. The centerpiece of the room is definitely her French Vintage Chaise, inspired by a French Louis XV type of style. I also added a muted-pink medallion rug and a couple of metallic and gold accessory pieces to accent with (including a gold-framed pin board I made, not shown) to complete the color palate. The chaise, iron crib, drapery, and medallion rug are from from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child. The white accent table is from Amazon, and I found the vintage kids’ desk at an antique market. I chose the chandelier from Pottery Barn Kids; I thought it gave the entire room a romantic feel.

Our shabby-chic meets vintage nursery! {}

This hot balloon mobile is maybe the first thing I bought for Finley’s room. It’s from also from RH Baby and Child but you can find some beautiful versions of it in bolder colors on Amazon. The dresser was one of my favorite consignment shop finds! I loved the details on the handles and gold accents were the perfect contribution to Fin’s room.

Our shabby-chic meets vintage nursery! {}

This shelf and brackets were also from RH (can you tell I love their stuff)? The rest of the decorative accents shown here were gifts from family members and friends. I found the jewelry display at Goodwill!

Hanging branch DIY for a girl's nursery {}

I made this hanging branch for Finley while she was still sleeping in my belly. It was a good way to display some of our favorite clothes and her pretty hair pieces (that she refused to wear). Stay tuned for a how-to on this project! You will also notice unassuming bird accessories throughout the room, like my little Christmas ornament from Anthropologie pictured here. I don’t know why, but I just liked the idea of incorporating birds. I don’t even really love birds.

Our shabby-chic meets vintage nursery! {}

This is a unique piece I just randomly found. The top half is a magnetic wire mesh that we use to display cards, and the bottom half looks like it was made from old shutters (see below) so we use the “slots” to show off Finley’s artwork. I used to make and sell cards before we had kids (like greeting cards, but cooler) and I gave a few from my “designer dress” collection to Finley.

Our shabby-chic meets vintage nursery!

This is one of my favorite pieces in her room. I found it at an antique store in La Conner and had to have it! It is the perfect size for the littles and it went well with everything in Fin’s room because of it’s shabby-chic look. We decided to make it a “baby station” for Fin. She uses it to change her baby’s diapers and to store her baby’s clothes and other things. The day she outgrows this little hutch will definitely be a sad one.

Our yorkie, Stella!

Last but not least, a shot of Stella on Fin’s chaise. I think Stella gets more use out of this chaise than anyone else in the house! She is upstairs in Finley’s room at bedtime even before we are because she knows that the kids like to cuddle with her during story time. She uses her special dog senses and beats us every time. Bruno, on the other hand, is somewhat of a recluse so he never joins us at bedtime, unless forced. Poor guy.

I’m pretty heartbroken when I think about how much of this room will need to be rebuilt for the bathroom remodel… I’ve spent a lot of time and effort creating this little piece of heaven. However, I do enjoy redecorating projects and I’m sure her room will still be beautiful. Just much smaller. And I am definitely excited to design a new bathroom! We’re going for a vintage/rustic/industrial theme. I will keep you updated on our progress when we get started this summer!

Photo Cred: Cleary O’Farrell Photography

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