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Hi, I’m Emily! I am an attorney, a real estate broker and an interior designer. I live in Seattle with my husband, two kiddos and two yorkies. I went to the University of Washington for my undergraduate degree and Seattle University for my law degree.

Welcome to this little online space I’ve created, called RayneBo. This is where I get to share everything I love to do when I’m not working. In a nutshell, “everything I love to do” includes designing and re-designing our home, learning a new craft (jewelry-making, knitting, card-making, sewing… you name it), or working on DIY projects with my kids. I love making stuff. I consider photography and fashion to be a couple of my top interests and I can’t get enough of styling my kids.  I love wandering around antique markets, restoring old things and creating a new purpose for them.

RayneBo is where I document thoughts, ideas and images that float around in my head. This is my virtual journal, my personal photo album, and a collection of the things, hobbies and people I love. It’s my platform to share my interpretation of design, fashion and crafting to those who have similar interests, and hopefully, to present an opportunity for dialogue. It’s a brief pause from the everyday chaos that inevitably comes with raising two young children as a working mom. It’s a demonstration of how I attempt to create beauty in seemingly ordinary things. It provides a small glimpse into how I perceive motherhood.

P.S. “RayneBo” came from my kids’ middle names: Jackson Rayne and Finley Bo. We actually came up with their names independently, so the fact that the combination of their middle names sounds like “rainbow” was totally coincidental. A perfect name for this blog.

See below to meet My Entourage.

Random picture below, from Halloween a couple of years ago, but still a favorite moment. I have always been obsessed with super heroes, so this family super hero theme was pretty much a dream come true for me.

2014-10-31 16.59.51-1


This is me with my husband and best friend, Kai. Kai is in the private banking industry and spends his days in the hub of downtown Seattle. I met Kai during my freshman year at the University of Washington, where he was playing soccer on the UW Men’s Team. We were just friends for a few years until he realized he just couldn’t live without me and begged me to be his girlfriend (kinda true). I decided that the feeling was mutual, and we have now been together for 16 years, married for 11.

Kai’s hobbies include, sports, sports and more sports. Particularly soccer and golf. He annoyingly excels at every sport he attempts. And he just gets better looking as we age. Also annoying, as I’m confident most women in their mid-30s would agree.


Meet my little guy, Jackson. He just turned seven. Jackson loves every sport that exists, but baseball and soccer rank highest on his list. His favorite subject is math. He loves Pokemon (obviously), biking and spending every minute he can with his buddies. Other hobbies include finding unique ways to make me laugh, being the boss of his sister and our dogs, and scheming up ways he can get his sneaky hands on ice cream and/or anything sugar-related.


Meet Finley. Finley may look sweet and petite, but she fears nothing and she’s the fastest and most active five year old you’ve ever seen. Finley is definitely “Mama’s girl.” She will do anything in her power to please me, but ironically, she usually refuses to do anything I actually ask her to do (insert eye-roll emoji). Finley’s favorite hobbies include art projects, building/creating structures with whatever she can find, climbing anything and everything. She also LOVES her dolls. Finley has always been conflicted about whether she wants to be a tomboy or a princess. I’m positive she’ll be both.

Bruno and Stella


Pictured above are my furry babies, Bruno and Stella. Bruno (on the right) is 11 years old and only weighs five lbs. Bruno is a shy little guy who sleeps a lot and generally keeps to himself. He’s more like a cat than a dog. He spends his time relocating himself from room to room, in an attempt to avoid interacting with the kids (which, I have to admit, is rarely a positive experience for him). He mainly likes to observe from afar, but interestingly, also enjoys making friends with very large dogs.

Stella (on the left) is nine years old, and she is large and in charge. She has gained 40% of her weight since Jackson and Finley entered our lives because they feed her everything, but also because eating is simply her goal in life. Stella’s hobbies include barking at anything and everything that passes our house, following me around 24/7, and eating.

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